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The Address Object provides a data structure for managing addresses.

Collection: Addresses
Object Key: places.address

Friendly Field NameData Field NameGeneral Data TypeDescriptionOptimised for Searching
UUIDuuidText (length 36)Universally Unique Identifier for each address recordYes
Application UUIDapp_uuidText (length 36)Identifier for the associated applicationYes
Application Context Refapp_context_refText (max length 50)Reference to the application contextYes
LabellabelText (max length 50)Address label or nameYes
Address Line 1addr_1Text (max length 50)First line of the addressYes
Address Line 2addr_2Text (max length 50)Second line of the addressNo
Address Line 3addr_3Text (max length 50)Third line of the addressNo
Address Line 4addr_4Text (max length 50)Fourth line of the addressNo
Cityaddr_cityText (max length 50)Town or city of the addressYes
Countyaddr_countyText (max length 50)County or state of the addressNo
Postcodeaddr_postcodeText (max length 20)Postcode or zip code of the addressYes
Country Codeaddr_country_codeText (max length 3)ISO 3-digit country code of the addressNo
Taxonomyaddr_taxonomyText (max length 50)Categorisation for the address recordYes
Meta Datameta_dataTextAdditional meta data for the addressNo
Updated Atupdated_atDateTimeTimestamp when the address record was last updatedNo
Created Atcreated_atDateTimeTimestamp when the address record was createdNo