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Friendly Field NameData Field NameGeneral Data TypeDescriptionOptimised for Searching
UUIDuuidText (length 36)Universally Unique Identifier for each vehicle recordYes
Application UUIDapp_uuidText (length 36)Identifier for the associated applicationYes
Application Context Refapp_context_refText (max length 50)Reference to the application contextYes
LabellabelText (max length 50)Label for easy identification of the vehicleNo
Vehicle Typevehicle_typeText (max length 30)Type of the vehicleNo
Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM)vehicle_vrmText (max length 20)Registration mark of the vehicleNo
Vehicle Makevehicle_makeText (max length 30)Make of the vehicleNo
Vehicle Modelvehicle_modelText (max length 30)Model of the vehicleNo
Vehicle Colourvehicle_colourText (max length 30)Colour of the vehicleNo
Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)vehicle_vinText (max length 50)Identification number of the vehicleNo
Pass Numberpass_numberText (max length 30)Pass number associated with the vehicleNo
Pass Start Datepass_start_dateDateTimeStart date of the passNo
Pass Expiry Datepass_expiry_dateDateTimeExpiry date of the passNo
Vehicle Taxonomyvehicle_taxonomyText (max length 50)Internal categorisation for the vehicleNo
Created Atcreated_atDateTimeTimestamp when the vehicle record was createdNo
Updated Atupdated_atDateTimeTimestamp when the vehicle record was last updatedNo