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About the Identity Module

The Identity Module is an integral part of our platform, ensuring secure and efficient user management:

  1. User Object: Manages individual user accounts, providing a foundation for authentication and access control.
  2. User Group Object: Facilitates grouping of users, simplifying permission and role assignments across similar user types.
  3. User Role Object: Defines specific roles within the system, allowing for granular access control based on job functions or responsibilities.
  4. Access Key Object: Critical for secure communication between different services, ensuring authenticated interactions within the system.
  5. Token Object: Manages temporary authentication tokens, essential for secure logins and session management.
  6. Identity Object Linking: Interlinks Users, Groups, and Roles, establishing a cohesive structure for identity and access management.

This module is a cornerstone for secure system access and user permissions management.

Applications of the Identity Module #

1. Secure Enterprise System Access

In large organisations, the Identity Module is critical for managing system access across different departments and hierarchies. Utilising the User Object, IT admins can create and manage user accounts with specific permissions. The User Group Object allows for easy management of access rights for different teams or departments, while the User Role Object can define various access levels, such as administrators, managers, or regular employees. Access Key and Token Objects ensure secure communication and authentication across the organisation’s internal and external applications.

2. E-commerce Platform Customer Management

For e-commerce platforms, the Identity Module can manage customer accounts (Users Object), grouping customers based on preferences or behaviours (User Groups Object), and assigning roles for additional functionalities like premium users or reviewers (Roles Object). The Access Keys Object is essential for integrating with payment gateways and other third-party services, ensuring transactions are secure. Tokens Object plays a crucial role in managing customer sessions and personalizing the shopping experience.

3. Cloud Service Providers

Cloud service providers can leverage the Identity Module to manage accounts of their clients (Users Object), organize them based on the service tiers (User Groups Object), and assign roles for different levels of service access (Roles Object). Access Keys are crucial for API access and inter-service communication, ensuring data security and integrity. Tokens Object is used for managing user sessions and access, providing a secure and efficient user experience.