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This product is still under development, and the information on this site may not be complete.
Our Early Access Programme will be available from May 2024 – Click Here for Information.

Your Gateway to Effortless Application Infrastructure

Discover the simplicity of building and managing application infrastructure with SPACEtag® Cloud, the ultimate low-code platform tailored for data-intensive IoT projects. Whether you’re a seasoned application architect or just starting, our intuitive, API-driven environment empowers you to create, connect, and deploy applications with unprecedented ease.

Simplify Your Infrastructure Development

SPACEtag® Cloud offers a revolutionary approach to application architecture through its EcoSystem-as-a-Service (ESaaS). Designed to empower developers, innovators, and enterprises, our platform provides a seamless, API-driven, low-code/no-code environment tailored for Internet of Things (IoT) and data-centric applications.

Build Smarter, Not Harder

SPACEtag® Cloud is designed to transform how developers and architects implement project infrastructure. By providing an “out-of-the-box” setup for essential systems — including databases, IoT Gateways and MQTT brokers — our platform cuts down the time and financial investment typically required to build from scratch. This means you can launch projects faster and more cost-effectively, without compromising on quality or scalability.


SPACEtag® Engine is a dynamic layer of containerised services that drives data consumption and processing.

Key components include:

  • API Gateway for secure and scalable access
  • Database Servers, featuring Redis Cache servers for high-performance data retrieval
  • Workflow Automation Servers
  • Message Queue Servers for asynchronous data exchange between micro-services
  • MQTT Broker and IoT Gateway for reliable processing of remote device data


SPACEtag® Objects are at the core of our platform. Objects is a powerful API-driven data store with predefined data structures for streamlined application development:

  • API-Driven: Effortlessly manage data with a simplified API interface.
  • Predefined Data Structures: Utilise ready-made modules like Contacts, Assets, and Places.
  • Seamless Integration: Works flawlessly with tools like AppSmith, Retool, Make and Zapier.


SPACEtag® Flow features pre-defined workflows and functions that interact seamlessly with data in your Objects data store. Using Flows optimises both operations and user experience, whilst reducing your development overhead. Ready-made flows include:

  • User credential management and authentication
  • Publishing data to a message queue
  • Sending and receiving data to and from the MQTT broker