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Fields and Data Types

Fields in the Objects are akin to columns in a spreadsheet, each representing a specific category of data. For instance, in a database of contact information, – or the Contact Object – typical fields would be First Name, Mobile Number, and Email Address.

Data Types are classifications that dictate the nature of data that can be stored in each Field. Common data types include ‘Text’ for alphanumeric characters, ‘Number’ for numerical values, and ‘DateTime’ for date and time values. The assignment of data types to fields ensures data consistency and integrity within the data store.

These are the Data Types that are used in Spacetag Objects:

Data TypeDescriptionExample Usage
TextStores alphanumeric characters, words, and sentences.Names, labels, descriptions.
NumberHolds numerical values, both integers and decimals.Quantities, version numbers.
DateTimeUsed for dates and times.Expiry dates, created/updated timestamps.
Enumerated ListA predefined list of values from which one must be chosen.Categories, status codes, types.
BooleanStores true or false values.Flags like ‘is_enabled’, ‘is_subscribed’.
JSONStores data in JSON format, useful for nested or structured data.Complex data like ‘token_data’, ‘key_data’.