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Friendly Field NameData Field NameGeneral Data TypeDescriptionOptimised for Searching
UUIDuuidText (length 36)Universally Unique Identifier for each token recordYes
Application UUIDapp_uuidText (length 36)Identifier for the associated applicationYes
Application Context Refapp_context_refText (max length 50)Reference to the application contextYes
LabellabelText (max length 50)Label for easy identification of the tokenNo
Linked Organization UUIDlinked_org_uuidText (max length 36)Identifier linking the token to an organizationNo
Linked User UUIDlinked_user_uuidText (max length 36)Identifier linking the token to a userNo
TokentokenText (max length 255)The token itself (e.g., API token, access token)Yes
PermissionspermissionsTextPermissions associated with the tokenNo
Token Datatoken_dataTextAdditional data associated with the tokenNo
Expires Atexpires_atDateTimeExpiry date and time for the tokenYes
Is Activeis_activeBooleanIndicates whether the token is currently activeNo
Created Atcreated_atDateTimeTimestamp when the token record was createdNo
Updated Atupdated_atDateTimeTimestamp when the token record was last updatedNo

This table manages various types of tokens used in the application, such as access tokens and API tokens, with details regarding their linkage, validity, and associated permissions.