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About the Assets Module

Streamline asset management with the Assets Module, a comprehensive tool for tracking and overseeing:

  1. Devices Object: Monitors all electronic devices, detailing their usage, status, and more.
  2. Items Object (Office Equipment, Plant, Machinery): Manages a range of physical assets, ensuring optimal utilisation and maintenance.
  3. Identifiers Object (Tags, iBeacons, QR Codes): Essential for precise asset tracking, linking physical items to digital records.
  4. Vehicles Object: Centralises control of transport assets, vital for fleet management and logistical planning.
  5. Positions Object: Tracks geographic locations of assets, crucial for real-time location insights.
  6. Asset Object Linking: Interlinks different asset types, establishing a network that simplifies asset management and retrieval.

Ideal for businesses seeking efficient asset tracking and management solutions.

Applications of the Assets Module #

1. Corporate Asset Management and Tracking

In a corporate environment, the Assets Module is indispensable for tracking and managing office equipment, from laptops to projectors (Items Object), and ensuring their optimal allocation and usage. The Devices Object can monitor the status and location of each electronic device, aiding in loss prevention and inventory control. Additionally, the Positions Object can be used for real-time location tracking of high-value assets, enhancing security and operational efficiency.

2. Logistics and Fleet Management

For businesses involved in logistics and transportation, the Vehicles Object within the Assets Module provides comprehensive management of the fleet, from maintenance schedules to usage tracking. The Identifiers Object, using technologies like GPS tags or QR codes, facilitates the tracking of vehicles and cargo, ensuring efficient route planning and timely deliveries. The Asset Object Linking feature further enhances this by providing a relational view of vehicles and their associated items or positions.

3. Construction and Heavy Machinery Management

In the construction industry, managing heavy machinery and plant equipment is critical. The Assets Module helps in cataloguing each piece of machinery (Items Object), tracking its location (Positions Object), and monitoring usage and maintenance needs. The Identifiers Object plays a crucial role in theft prevention and asset recovery, while the Devices Object can be used to manage electronic equipment used in construction projects, like tablets or drones.