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The Places Linking Object provides a method for linking one Places Object to another Places Object. For example, you may have a country area region, defined as a Location Object, with many business sites or offices in it. Using Places Linking, you can assign all of the Site Objects [] to the single Location Object [places.location]. In your application, you can then run a filter against the Collection to get all of the offices within a specified region.

Collection: placeLinks
Object Identifier:

Friendly Field NameData Field NameGeneral Data TypeDescriptionOptimised for Searching
UUIDuuidText (length 36)Universally Unique Identifier for each places link recordYes
Application UUIDapp_uuidText (length 36)Identifier for the associated applicationYes
Application Context Refapp_context_refText (max length 50)Reference to the application contextYes
Linked Context Alinked_context_aEnumerated ListContext of the first linked entity (e.g., addr, location)Yes
Linked UUID Alinked_uuid_aText (length 36)Identifier for the first linked entityYes
Linked Context Blinked_context_bEnumerated ListContext of the second linked entity (e.g., site, workspace)Yes
Linked UUID Blinked_uuid_bText (length 36)Identifier for the second linked entityYes
Updated Atupdated_atDateTimeTimestamp when the places link record was last updatedNo
Created Atcreated_atDateTimeTimestamp when the places link record was createdNo