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SPACEtag® Cloud Platform

Focus on Innovation, Not Infrastructure

SPACEtag® Cloud offers developers and architects an all-in-one solution, eliminating the need to build or maintain complex systems for your applications. From databases to communication gateways like MQTT brokers, everything is pre-configured and ready to go. By choosing SPACEtag® Cloud, you’re not just accessing cutting-edge technology; you’re reclaiming your time and significantly reducing costs, allowing you to focus on what truly matters—creating exceptional applications.

Robust UK-based Infrastructure

At the heart of SPACEtag® Cloud lies a robust infrastructure of containerised services, designed to support the extensive needs of modern applications. All of our infrastructure is located at data-centres within the UK, which means your data is safe, secure and compliant – crucial for UK-based businesses.

SPACEtag® Engine

Discover the power of simplicity with the SPACEtag® Engine, an integral part of SPACEtag® Cloud, designed to enhance how you manage and interact with data. Our unified API gateway is your single endpoint for all data transactions, supporting everything from data access to MQTT devices to third-party API gateways. By reducing the need for multiple integrations, SPACEtag® Engine saves you time and money, enabling you to focus on what matters most—innovation and growth.

  • Streamlined Data Processing: One endpoint to publish and consume data, no matter the source or protocol.
  • Enhanced Integration: Easy connection with third-party APIs and data systems.
  • Cost-effective Scaling: Reduce operational costs with a system designed for efficiency and scalability.
  • Message Queuing: Facilitates asynchronous data exchange between micro-services.
  • MQTT Broker and IoT Gateway: Reliable processing of remote device data using a simple API.

SPACEtag® Objects

SPACEtag® Objects is a powerful API-driven data store with predefined data structures for streamlined application development. No database systems required for your app architecture – just connect to your Objects data store.

  • API-Driven: Effortlessly manage data with a simplified API interface.
  • Predefined Data Structures: Utilise ready-made modules like Contacts, Assets, Commerce and Places.
  • Seamless Integration: Works flawlessly with tools like AppSmith, Retool, Make and Zapier.

SPACEtag® Flow

Enhance your applications with SPACEtag® Flow, featuring pre-defined workflows and functions that interact seamlessly with data in your Objects data store. Using Flows optimises both operations and user experience, whilst reducing your development overhead. Ready-made flows include:

  • User credential management and authentication
  • Publishing data to a message queue
  • Sending and receiving data to and from the MQTT broker