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Using the Objects API

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SPACEtag® Objects is an API-driven data store, which means you use standard REST API commands to add, fetch, update and delete your data objects. The general terms for these data operations is called “CRUD” – which stands for Create, Read, Update and Delete. To perform these operations, you make requests using specific HTTP methods, namely POST, GET and DELETE. In order to use the Objects API, some knowledge of using REST APIs is required.

Postman Tool #

When developing your application, and building and testing your Objects, we thoroughly recommend using the free Postman API Platform. It is specifically designed for building and using APIs and all standalone examples and tutorials within the SPACEtag® Cloud eco-system will be based on Postman. Postman supports variables and pre-defined API keys to help you speedily build and test API data projects.

Postman Screen Snip

Example GET request in Postman to get all organisation objects from the contacts module.

HTTP Methods #

Object Data OperationHTTP Method for API
CREATE (Add a new Object)POST
READ (Get Object data)GET
UPDATE (Update an existing Object)POST
DELETE (Delete an existing Object)DELETE