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The SPACEtag® Engine API gateway is how you access everything within the SPACEtag® Cloud eco-system. It’s designed so that any platform or application can easily connect and access your SPACEtag® resources over the Internet, including:

  • Workflow automation platforms such as n8n, Make (Integromat) and Zapier
  • No code / low code app builders such as AppSmith and Retool
  • Mobile apps running on Android or iOS

Authentication #

To be able to access your resources using the API, you need to supply your API Key and application UUID. When you create an application space in your SPACEtag® Cloud console, both of these credentials will be generated. When you make a request to the API gateway, you supply both of these values in the HTTP headers, which are then authenticated before processing your request.

The base URL for the SPACEtag API gateway is: